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About Monica

Committed to the Lord’s purpose, Monica Ray is a passionate advocate for “the rest of us” and those traveling the path toward their best life. She has inspired thousands of teens, young people and adult audiences through classes, mentoring activities, retreats and workshops in several states.

Pointing the way toward a better life, starting with the heart and mind, she has been published by Essence Magazine and had developed troves of study/support guides covering a large swarth of topics.

With extensive leadership experience, Monica carved out a career in higher education administration and has taught at both the community college and university level.

Destined to be an advocate for ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances,  Monica earned a BS degree in Consumer Affairs from Murray State University and an MBA from the University of Memphis. She is the founder of, a professional development company which focuses on life-enhancing themes: reflective metamorphosis; life-long encouragement – starting with our inside; embracing self-worth, building communities, everywhere – not just where we happen to live; and goal setting throughout life.  She is also the exuberant author of one book, so far: Learning to Splash: Conquering The Life You Have Been Given.

Happily married 36 years to her high school sweetheart, Lee, they are blessed with one amazing, adult child. Monica believes everyone she meets teaches her something and that genuine, hard conversations help us move forward. She enjoys nature (especially the sky), her great extended family, writing, wonderful conversation, travel, new experiences and most anything chocolate. 

If you’re interested in hiring Monica to speak at your event, please email to get started.

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