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Jumpstart Your Joy


The Joy Bundle!

“You added joy to this “unprecedented” year. Bless your kind heart.”

-M. Wadley

What’s In The Joy Bundle?

Learning To Splash: Conquering The Life You Have Been Given

Learning To Splash: Conquering The Life You Have Been Given


Joy-Inspired Living Course

Joy-Inspired Living Course


Standing On The Storm Devotional e-book

Standing On The Storm Devotional e-book




Learning To Splash: Conquering the Life You Have Been Given takes you on an intimate, decades long journey of one woman’s battle with watching her only child confront debilitating, chronic illness, while dealing with feelings of inadequacy, guilt, depression, and helplessness.

Written with hauntingly, realistic detail, this true story will encourage and challenge you to conquer your unique set of circumstances, whether they be spiritual, physical, situational or emotional.  Become inspired by realistic, practical tools and genuine, heartfelt tidbits specially designed for you.

Monica Ray unabashedly opens her turbulent life to share the journey and lessons she’s learned in overcoming her personal turmoil. Based upon the demonstration of God’s providence, instead of staying consumed by personal storms, Monica shares how she learned to “splash,” or fully enjoy and embrace her unique life – despite losing her faith and way, time and time again.

Discover the abundant joy hidden in your life with this practical, easy-to-understand course created specifically for you. The Joy-Inspired Living Course walks you through the process of creating a more joyful life. The intention is that everyone who takes this course will be given the tools to live more jubilantly and blissfully no matter your life circumstances. This course guides and helps you create the joyful like you want to live so you no longer spin your wheel in agony!

This course makes the bad times more bearable and the good times more delightful.  People will look at you like you are crazy when you can find things to be joyful about … and they will want to know WHY! You can tell them, It was the Joy-Inspired Living Course.





Strengthen yourself against your storms! Stand on top of them instead of them standing on top of you!

This illuminating devotional rejuvenates your perspective and refreshes your spirit, holding your hand and your heart from A-Z.

This timely devo reminds you that even when you feel the most alone, you never are. God’s grace and mercy are always pulling for you.

Standing on the Storm will you give you encouragement to soothe and self-support yourself during your most troublesome times.

Invest in the possible and in the positive.

“You are awesome! I really needed to hear these words today. ” – S. Porter

Get The Gift That Keeps On Blossoming … More Joy In Your Life

Meet The Author Hi there, I'm Monica Ray.


Committed to the Lord’s purpose, Monica Ray is a passionate advocate for “the rest of us” and those traveling the path toward their best life. She has inspired thousands of teens, young people and adult audiences through classes, mentoring activities, retreats and workshops in several states.

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“Thank you, Monica, always the healer.” – M.C. Rhea Cooper

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