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Having strong faith in a faithless world can seem difficult. However, you are NOT alone.  These posts help you to remain happily committed in your faith journey.

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Who doesn’t need help with relationships? Ultimately, you determine the health of your relationships. If you want to build better relationships, these posts are for you.

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Work takes up so much of our time. With an ever-changing work environment, these posts will help you to stay sane no matter what career challenges or possibilites you may face. 

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“Within both personal and professional circles, Monica Ray has influenced my life for almost thirty years. Through her writing or personal encounter, when you get to know her, you will declare that she is as insightful as she is delightful. She has a heart to help that permeates all that she does. You can trust her wisdom for she is always making a significant difference in the faith of those with whom she engages. Her confident attitude will enable you to courageously walk through life’s challenges. Her strength as a woman has made me stronger as a man. Thus I call her my sister in Christ, my mentor and my motto. ”

John Davis Marshall

My Story

Committed to the Lord’s purpose, Monica Ray is a passionate advocate for “the rest of us” and those traveling the path toward their best life. She has inspired thousands of teens, young people and adult audiences through classes, mentoring activities, retreats and workshops in several states.

As the founder of TheBestYou.Site, Monica’s goal is motivate you to keep going no matter what circumstances in which you find yourself.  She is your Encourager-In-Chief, inspiring you to be the best version of yourself.

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