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Learning To Splash: Conquering the Life You Have Been Given By Monica Ray

Learning To Splash: Conquering the Life You Have Been Given By Monica Ray


Learning To Splash: Conquering the Life You Have Been Given* takes you on an intimate, decades long journey of one woman’s battle with watching her only child confront debilitating, chronic illness, while dealing with feelings of inadequacy, guilt, depression, and helplessness.

Written with hauntingly, realistic detail, this true story will encourage and challenge you to conquer your unique set of circumstances, whether they be spiritual, physical, situational or emotional.  Become inspired by realistic, practical tools and genuine, heartfelt tidbits specially designed for you. 

Learn to splash with both feet, sometimes with your head down, focused on your individual goal, and at other times, accepting meaning in each obstacle – as you move from:

  • Anguished to Amazed
  • Belittled to Beautiful
  • Conquered to Courageous
  • Empty to Enlightened
  • Jealous to Joyful
  • Tried to Triumphant

By the time you finish reading, you will be empowered to splash!

Monica Ray unabashedly opens her turbulent life to share the journey and lessons she’s learned in overcoming her personal turmoil.  Based upon the demonstration of God’s providence, instead of staying consumed by personal storms, Monica shares how she learned to “splash,” or fully enjoy and embrace her unique life – despite losing her faith and way, time and time again.

Praise for Learning To Splash: Conquering The Life You Have Been Given

“The ebb and flow of bad news then good news fill each chapter with a roller coaster of emotions that grab and punch. I believe this is a book that can transcend age and gender, especially with the inclusion of Meeting You Where You Are and Practical Tools for biblical application in the midst of challenges and storms.”

Kimba Sears, Military Spouse and Mother for over 30 years

“You captivated me a long time ago!” 

Willette Dupree, Award-winning Photographer and Poet

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