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Season 2

Love 37 Stories High: Michael and Ramona -TheBestYou.Site Podcast Season 2, Episode 1

Would you be able to take on full-time caretaking for your husband for 27 years? Ramona did. Could you survive a horrific accident leaving you in a coma for months, and requiring 1 ½ years of hospitals and rehab centers? Michael did. An accident changed their life, but not the love & sacrifice they have for each other. They fight daily for their love – a life Ramona shares has “limitations,” but in other ways, doesn’t have any limits at all.

Season 1

Overcoming the Terror of Cancer with Gertie Smith -TheBestYou.Site Podcast Season 1, Episode 1

The first episode of TheBestYou.Site podcast is here! The inaugural episode is with my guardian angel and special friend, Gertie Smith. 

     In this episode she discusses her journey battling multiple cancers and what it means to have to fight to live! She also gives fantastic insight on what it means to be an advocate for yourself and your health, facing fear head on, and truly surrendering to God. You will not want to miss it!

Using Gratitude To Transform Your Life with Myrtle Russell -TheBestYou.Site Podcast Season 1, Episode 2

   The second episode of TheBestYou.Site podcast is live. I had such a wonderful time chatting with the AMAZING Myrtle Russell!

     In this episode, she explains what she learned from her daughter’s massive stroke journey to teach us the transformative force of life-affirming gratitude. Join us for the second episode of TheBestYou.Site Podcast.

Parenting Children with Chronic Illness with Jennifer -TheBestYou.Site Podcast Season 1, Episode 3

   You can’t help, but to be inspired by this true warrior queen mom!

   This single mom’s life could be a best-selling country song, her giving heart compels her to donate her time and talents to so many others, while working three jobs, and taking care of her two girls, one of which has lupus. You will rethink the definition of “giver” after hearing Jennifer’s story. Join us for the latest episode of TheBestYou.Site podcast.

A Father’s Choice with Doretha-TheBestYou.Site Podcast Season 1, Episode 4

   In this fourth episode, we explore how Doretha Blair was able to be her best self due to an important choice made by her father.

   We also discuss the importance of believing in yourself, surrounding yourself with others who believe in you, and the peace of surrendering to God’s will. Join us for the latest episode of TheBestYou.Site podcast.

Don’t Stop Dreaming with Brenda -TheBestYou.Site Podcast Season 1, Episode 5

In this episode of TheBestYou.Site Podcast, we speak with Brenda, a lioness of a woman who followed her dreams and found love when she didn’t expect it. In this riveting episode, we learn how put fear to the side and go after what we want.

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