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The Joy-Inspired Living Course

Be Inspired in the NOW and not wait for the THEN…

Discover the abundant joy hidden in your life with this practical, easy-to-understand course created specifically for you. The Joy-Inspired Living Course walks you through the process of creating a more joyful life.

The intention is that everyone who takes this course will be given the tools to live more jubilantly and blissfully no matter your life circumstances. This course guides and helps you create the joyful life you want to live so you no longer spin your wheels in agony!

This course makes the bad times more bearable and the good times more delightful. People will look at you like you are crazy when you can find things to be joyful about … and they will want to know WHY! You can tell them, “It was the Joy-Inspired Living Course.”

Does this sound like you?

You are ready to take to steps to be more joyful despite all the negativity in your life.

You are tired of being affected by every bad thing that happens in your life.

The past few years have kicked your butt.

You are tired of not really living.

The truth is... You are not the only person seeking more joy, especially when your world is crumbling around you.

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Consumed by day-to-day tasks, lots of us don’t have time to ponder about what will make us fill more fulfilled.

What’s more, if we do have time for reflection, we are often too tired to take steps to change our life for the better.

Unfortunately, the only way things are going to change is if we commit and take the steps to make the change.

Imagine this…

A course that provides stepping stones on your way to more joy.

Your life before the course

Mad at The World
Unclear about what makes you upset
No Strategies To Deal With Stress

Your life after the course

Accepting of yourself and the world
Clear About Your Triggers
Implementing Strategies To Help You Manage Stress
Cool, calm and collected

Course Curriculum




Module 1: Joyfully Committing: Learn To Seize Your Joy-Inspired Moments

Module 1: Joyfully Committing: Learn To Seize Your Joy-Inspired Moments

Module 2: A Deep Diving Self-Examination Into Your Life As It Is Now

Module 2: A Deep Diving Self-Examination Into Your Life As It Is Now

Module 3: Attaching To A Joy-Inspired Lifestyle

Module 3: Attaching To A Joy-Inspired Lifestyle

Module 4: Packing Your Joy-Inspired Toolbox

Module 4: Packing Your Joy-Inspired Toolbox

What Will The Joy-Inspired Living Course Do For Me? And What Will I Get?

Instant Access to 5 self-guided, interactive, video modules designed to shape your perspective immediately 
An easy-to-follow, 30+ page workbook, complete with action steps to monitor your progress
Guided exercises to help you honestly and effectively self-examine the current state of your life
Instrospective questions to help you take on hard topics you may be facing and create a plan to overcome them
 Faith-based principles to help you live far beyond your circumstances
Supportive activities that transform areas you might not have taken time to examine before
Important resources that help you craft your new-found, joy-packed life

The best part about the Joy-Inspired Living Course is that it meets you where you are and takes your virtual hand. The class doesn’t “drive the car”… you do! By the time you finish, you will not allow negative challenges to paralyze your forward momentum. You will not just survive your day-to-day challenges, but thrive.

Testimonials About Monica Ray

“Very timely, friend. Thank you.” – C. Phillips
“Your wisdom strengthens me…thank you!” – U. Milliken
“Thank you for words of wisdom!!!” – J. Teague
I needed to hear this today. Love it! – LB Edwards

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Meet Your Teacher

Monica Ray

Committed to the Lord’s purpose, Monica Ray is a passionate advocate for “the rest of us” and those traveling the path toward their best life. She has inspired thousands of teens, young people and adult audiences through classes, mentoring activities, retreats and workshops in several states.

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